“Explore! The Big Bust!”

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Well, maybe not a “bust,” but the Lewis & Clark bicentennial celebration certainly didn’t live up to all the hype, to my non-expert eye (and others). So it’s not entirely surprising to see that a Wall Street Journal columnist took a big swipe at the commemoration, and also not surprising to see that he singled out Great Falls as one of the communities that over-estimated the amount of traffic and money that the events would generate. I don’t necessarily fault the local government and civic agencies for trying to capitalize on the 200th anniversary — but I do fault them for WAY over-estimating the attendance and impact. Good intentions, poorly executed.


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  1. I guess we know how Lewis and Clark felt. Instead of rough terrain and horrible weather, we dealt with losing an unbelievable amount of money and our chance at having people take our town seriously. At least Lewis and Clark have the claim to fame that they were responsible for the expansion of our country…I think they made it out better than we did.

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