Westgate Mall

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So what’s the deal with Westgate Mall? I actually went in to Westgate Mall today for the very first time, and was stunned at how large it is. Actually, until today, I didn’t even know that it was (is) a “real” mall with interior walkways…from the street, it looks like simply a large building with storefronts. I knew that the “It’ll Do” bar is there, and the flooring store, but finally realized today that the Wild Bird Mercantile is located there, also. The newest tenant is Action Cards & Comics. I also noticed a post office, a large room with used books, and a few club-activity rooms. I was shocked at how many empty spaces there were, though…what a waste! I imagine that it used to be full of enterprise and activity – can any of you tell me what used to be there?



  1. Dave, I’ve been told that Buttreys Supermarket was in Westgate Mall.

    Did you walk all the way to the rear to where the Cascade County Ag Extension has their offices? They have several worthwhile publications available that you can pick up.

  2. Many merchants have been through the “other” mall. Mountains of Memories started there, Zelda’s clothing should still be there, a couple bars have come & gone but it has remained the not-too-happening place. Sad, really because it has a great lay out.

  3. You should go through Westgate after a good rain shower. You can dodge all the buckets they have to catch the leaks.

  4. Good old Westgate mall. There used to be a little restaurant in there, Fitness Plus, Several clothing stores, bars. A sign/print shop, Identity screen printing started there, a shoe store. There used to be a mini golf/arcade in the big room in the back. The Great Falls Robotics Club has a room with displays in the window. Might not be up now with the fair coming.
    And don’t forget Westgate Barber Shop!
    Everyone got kicked out about 5-6 years ago because the were (allegedly) going to tear the whole building down and put up a huge sporting goods store- but that deal fell through.

  5. There was a Yellow Front, Anthonys’, Mode O’ Day, Western Drug, Sugar Shack, Jeanery and a restaurant that was called something like Scheffees. I went when they had the grand opening for the mall. I remember listening to a rock band and my wife remembers some movie or country western star. I went home with a autographed Loving Spoonful 45 but I doubt that was the band that was there. Whatever was there before the mall left a bunch of bricklined tunnels we used to crawl around in as kids. We would go from there and raft over to the island in the river. Probably risked our lives on a regular basis and did not know any better.

  6. The mall was originally built with a large Buttrey Grocery Store as the biggest tenant. It was the only grocery store on the West side, except for a few small convenience stores attached to gas stations.

    Back in the late 80s, Buttrey’s built the large grocery store that later became the Albertson’s across 6th. After they built that new store, they closed their Westgate location. The building has been struggling ever since.


  7. Westgate’s owners will not enter long-term leases in order to remain free to pursue future opportunities. Accordingly, they seem to have a difficult time attracting many ‘serious’ tenants, and their tenants are unwilling to spend much to improve their leasehold estates.

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  11. I remember in the 90’s there was a place there called Fun Factory Pizza… it was similar to Chuckee Cheeses. We used to go there for bday parties when I was a kid.

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