New Eatery

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The Trib reported a few weeks ago that we will soon have a new restaurant in Great Falls: Boston’s “The Gourmet Pizza.” So what is this restaurant chain all about?

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza restaurants offer a contemporary, lively atmosphere and a separate-seating sports bar customized with memorabilia of favorite teams. Restaurants feature big screen TVs with satellite dishes and Pay-Per-View to showcase sports and special events. While Boston’s specializes in gourmet pizza and pasta, the casual-dining restaurant menu features more than 100 items including soups, salads and gourmet subs, along with sports bar favorites, such as chicken wings and ribs.

Stroll through the menu and see the entrees, appetizers, and (yummy!) desserts. And here’s some good news: over at, Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza garners 4.5 stars (based on 13 reviews, but still…it’s encouraging!). Regarding the “when and where,” the Trib article only states that it will open “late this year” in the Twilite Center on the NW side of town.



  1. I’d never heard of the place before, but I resolved to try the place out as soon as I heard Dan Binstock is involved. I’m a regular –too regular, judging by the waistline– at Fuddruckers, and the guy knows what he’s doing, IMO.

    No, I’m not his nephew, just a guy who appreciates a well-run restaurant.

  2. Hey there,
    We just got one of these here in Bellingham WA. It’s not that great but as most new places in small towns, it will be packed for the first six months.
    Let me think back to when I was eleven, so given the choice of restaurants that were in town 17 years ago, I’d rather go to Borries for some Mini in a bun. I was cute when I was eleven so they always gave me extra provalone. As for pizza, as I recall, there was a pizza place on the west side, I believe it was Howards pizza. Howards is better than Bostons, granting that Howards is still there.

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