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Plenty of fun lined up for Independence Day here in Great Falls: parade, fund-raiser, water-park, free concert, food & drink, and of course fireworks. BUT…people should respect the law about setting off fireworks leading up to the 4th of July. Hearing them popping & banging at 10:30 pm a week before Independence Day can be somewhat annoying. Here’s a refresher on the rules:

Within Cascade County, the rules are not as stringent about when you can discharge fireworks; you’re allowed to set them off beginning on June 24th. Both City and County set the last day at July 5th. Within City limits, however, the ordinance states: “The selling, purchasing and discharging of fireworks will be limited to five (5) days from June 30th through midnight on July 4th.”

OK, now I’m off my soapbox. Independence Day is my favorite holiday, because without it, we may not be able to celebrate any other holidays. It is the most uniquely American holiday, and a great time to reflect on what it means.



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