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As promised, we held the first-ever Great Falls Blogger Mini-Bash on Saturday. “Mini” accurately describes it, as there were only three of us that were able to make it this time, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. Keri showed up with her boyfriend, and ZenPanda dragged her hubby along, and we enjoyed some good food at the Park-n-Ponder and then wandered next door to the “Bark In The Park” party where we were pleasantly surprised to meet the elusive GeeGuy! Then a brief howdy to Mayor Dona (one of the judges), said hi to the First Dude, had the honor of meeting Mrs Great Falls, and of course saw tons of cute pups! Then we fed the geese, ducks, and swans, and promised to meet again later this summer. Very cool!



  1. Sorry I missed the bash – I was up to my chin in fur! Some wonderful dogs, and owners who clearly cherish their companions. I’ll try to make it next time…

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