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Most of you know that I welcome comments on any entries…to me, comments are what make blogs so cool. Without the ability for readers to comment, it’s just a website. But I would like to spell out a few rules: if you leave a comment that is deliberately mean-spirited, uses uncalled-for foul language, or otherwise is uncivil, the comment will be deleted. Someone left a comment earlier today that declared that “so-and-so is a homo.” DELETED. Simple enough. Stuff like that is a no-brainer.
But I’m sure some of you have noticed “Barb Vickroy” has been leaving comments here lately, all on the topic of illegal immigration. I’ve never addressed that issue here on, so I’m a bit puzzled about her choice to leave comments here about it. After about the seventh comment on the subject, I decided to delete them all, as they had no relevance to any discussions going on here. But this afternoon, another one popped up, so instead of deleting it, I decided to e-mail Barb and ask her why she was leaving such comments on this site. A quick search reveals that she leaves such comments on other sites, too. See, things like this are why the acronym “GYOFB” were coined. I’ll let you know what her reply is (if she does reply).



  1. I will be at the Park for the Bark in the Park event, benefiting the Humane Society. I will try to make it over to Park and Ponder – but if I don’t, please join us and introduce yourselves!

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