Simpsons Minus One

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When I first arrived in Great Falls in July 2002, I was just a tiny little bummed out that there was no syndicated airings of “The Simpsons,” leaving me with only the Fox Sunday night episodes, which, as most people agree, continue a years-long decline in humor content. But a year later – September 2003, IIRC – that all changed when KTGF (channel 12) began airing not one, but TWO episodes every weekday afternoon! For the past year, it has broadcast back-to-back episodes between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. Some clunkers, sure, such as anything from season one, but the classics kept me going; why, just last week, they aired “Homie The Clown” (aka “Clown College”) and “Bart’s Comet” – absolute treasures. But today, unfortunately, KTGF has changed their lineup, offering only one weekday syndicated episode (at 6:30 pm). Better than nothing, sure…but to have the 6:00 pm episode replaced by something as pathetic as “Everybody Loves Raymond” is almost insulting.



  1. I was born in good ole’ GF and left when I was eleven. My parents had some land on and island out here in Washington, so I was forced to move. Great Falls was the best place to be a kid in the summer. My favorite memory was riding our bikes about four miles on the freeway to get to the pop-shop as it was called, up on gore hill. I saw your previous posting about the 3D. They didn’t have a mongolian grill when we went there but really enjoyed roasting our french fries in the butter warmer that came with our lobster. Bories, across the street as I recall, also hold dear memories of thier king cut prime rib. I think it’ll be worth the 15 hour drive to have one of those again.

  2. Mark- you should come visit…the memories are still here. Bories was my Dad’s fav & we had the special family meals there. The pop shop was torn down last year & now has a giant townpump. A family friend lived up on the hill in one of the first houses’ built.

  3. David,
    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like the change, but we’re all about trying new things here at KTGF. It’s a weird market in Great Falls. We know we can’t please everybody, but we’re doing our best to maintain variety and integrity. I appreciate that we’re blog worthy, and your comment has been dually noted.


  4. Not to worry, Aaron — I understand! I’m just thankful that we get one syndicated Simpsons every weekday — PLEASE don’t take that away!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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