Great Falls Roundup

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What’s been going on the Great Falls blogosphere? GFFireFly took a few days off, but she is BACK with a vengeance! Some great posts…just keep scrolling and reading! And GeeGuy pointed out a new GF blogger with a nifty title: MOTTO by Mangan. And SallyT, who took a whole month off, is finally back, this time with a letter to the President. Our favorite Raving Norseman has some BBQ and film thoughts, as well as a potential troll. Aaron is doing civic-minded blogging, after a brief entry about a moment of levity (as related in the Trib article about Mayor Dona). GeeGuy offers insight into the City’s golf course “business” operations. Keri has a boo-boo, and her son is sporting a new hairstyle (cool!). Tom, as always, has some awesome pictures of his adventures “Out There.” And to wrap up this roundup, go visit BestBuddie and leave a caption for her “Kissable” pandas!



  1. OK- let’s meet at Park & Ponder Saturday June 24 @2pm….. bring your camera!

    There GF blogger bash is on!

  2. One reason that immigrants of yesteryear learned to speak English is because no one made it easy for them to keep their native language. And they actually thought that becoming “Americanized” was a good thing. Today we bend over backwards and get only complaining contempt. Go figure.

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