Mayor Dona

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The Tribune has quite a comprehensive article about Mayor Dona Stebbins and her first few months in office, as well as some insight into how she gets along with other city leaders. City Commissioners offer their opinions about her management style and how they think she has fared so far. Former Mayor Randy Gray, unsurprisingly, declined to be interviewed. Also in the article, in a lengthy sidebar, is a look at where Mayor Stebbins stands on many of the issues facing our city, as well as a glimpse into her online activity (including her frequent visits to our blogging community!).
ALSO: welcome, Tribune readers! If you clicked on through from the article, please take a look around, leave a comment or two, and if you’re not a blogger, consider joining our ranks…there’s a list of the Great Falls bloggers to your right, in the sidebar, under the heading “GF Bloggers.” Go visit them, too!


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