Hoops (Again)

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Hoops Under The Big Sky Many of you remember that Great Falls was almost home to a minor-league basketball team about a year ago, called the Great Falls Cowboys. Sadly, that fizzled out before the first game was even played.
But now it looks like there’s another attempt at bringing some hoop action to our community, in the form of the Great Falls Explorers, under the auspices of the US Basketball association. Two official team members have already been signed: Steve Aggers has been named as the head coach, and Jamar Howard is the first hoopster to be hired.
As I’ve said before, I’m definitely not a sports fan, but if this thing really happens, you’ll likely see me at a few games!
One worrisome sign, though: as of 12:58 pm on Saturday afternoon, the website for the Continental Basketball Association is not working, despite being fully functional yesterday. I hope this isn’t an omen regarding the fate of our new team…


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