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Now that Jon Tester has won the Democratic primary and will compete against Senator Burns in November, maybe we’ll start seeing a few more flat-top haircuts, as highlighted in Tester’s recent TV commercials. Interesting to learn that his signature style is based right here in Great Falls, courtesy of Bill Graves at the Riverview Barbershop on Division Road!



  1. Walter Greenspan on

    Bill Graves claim to fame, other than giving Jon Tester a flat-top, is that, accoridng to Bill, his great-grandfather — Whiskey Bill Graves — was the last man hung by the vigilantes just before Montana became an organized territory.

  2. Walter Greenspan on

    Currently famous for his political TV commercials on behalf of Democratic Senatorial candidate, Jon Tester, Bill Graves of the Riverview Barber Shop (11 Division Road in Great Falls, 406/452-6422) will be even more famous when the New York Times prints their interview with him.

    You see, Bill is my barber, too, and when I was at the Riverview Barber Shop this AM for a haircut (the honors, this time went to Bill’ s granddaughter, Megan), Bill mentioned that yesterday (Thursday, July 6) he was interviewed by a reporter from the New York Times.

    Bill’s previous claim to fame was that his great-grandfather, “Whiskey” Bill Graves, was the last man hung by the vigilantes immediately prior to Montana becoming a territory.

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