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Two errors in the Tribune (online) during the last several days. Far be it from me to claim that I’m a perfect speller, but if my stock in trade is words and the accurate conveyance of facts, well…gosh, shouldn’t they just try a little bit harder to proofread every little detail? Heck, they can even put me on the payroll to check that kind of stuff! Click the thumbnails below to see full-size.

In the first example, the young Airman who drowned last week is identified as a “missile chief” – when in fact he was a CHEF. One letter, but it makes a difference.


And in this example, the Trib is describing a young lady from Great Falls who appeared on-stage during the “American Idol” television show, and the organization that she is now qualified to join is referred to as the “American Federal of Television and Radio Artists” – when in fact it is an American FEDERATION of Television and Radio Artists (easily confirmed with Google).



  1. Heh. Kind of like my earlier nitpick including “boarders” instead of “borders,” I think they’re relying more on spell-check than proofreading. And that way lies madness.

    Reminds me of a story The Missus tells. Years ago, part of the complex in which she works burned to the ground, and the story made the Trib. They referred to the building as a warehouse, which it wasn’t. She called them to ask for a correction, and their response was, “Well, it looks like a warehouse.” Whether a correction was warranted for that particular detail or not, the attitude contained in that response spoke volumes.

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