Another Death

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UPDATE, Sunday afternoon: the woman’s name is Sara Hopkins Schoenenberger, and authorities have ruled it a suicide.

This time, a 63-year old woman is dead. Apparently her car wound up in the Missouri River, near Elks Riverside Park. There is some speculation that she did it intentionally — a possible suicide. That makes two deaths in two days in the rivers of Great Falls. It’s weird — when I drove over the 10th Ave South bridge this morning, the thought “killer river” crossed my mind. I never thought of the river (any river) as being a “killer,” but that is just another aspect of “mother nature.”



  1. Let me point out they died on two different rivers. Carl died in the Sun river.

    Still a very sad thing.

  2. Very much appreciate it, Tom! Tell your students that getting started is EASY — and just let me know if I can assist in any way!

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