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UPDATE, Friday morning: the Airman’s name is Carl Stout.

Tragic news today that the body of an Airman assigned to Malmstrom was found in the Sun River. He and some friends were playing in the river and jumping off of the railroad bridge, and it appears that despite the efforts of his friends to save him, he drowned. He was only 18 years old, and had just gotten married a few weeks ago. I’ve heard that he was a chef assigned to one of the missile squadrons, but the name has not yet been released. This comes less than a year after another Malmstrom Airman, also 18 years old, drowned in the Missouri River, near the Mountain Palace access area.

People, this is just insane. Not only did many people suffer the loss of these two, who were probably brothers, sons, uncles, friends, and buddies to scores of people, but the Air Force lost two proud Airmen, leaving a hole in the heart of the entire military community. And it’s not a matter of swimming alone, or drinking and getting stupid: both of these incidents happened with friends nearby, no indication of alcohol, and yet still it wasn’t enough.

PLEASE be safe when you’re out enjoying the beauty & fun of Montana!



  1. David-as a local guy who was born and raised here, I remember Airmen drowning in these rivers since I was a little kid. They are very dangerous, people. Never, ever get in the rivers without a life jacket on.

  2. And never jump off the bridges. The Sun River is high right now, but average depth along there is only 4-6 feet.

  3. When I was younger, my mother said to stay out of the river because it was dangerous. I have very rarely gone into the Missouri & never the sun. I ventured out maybe ankle deep and watched the airmen dive from the rocks at hardy creek or watched from shore as they floated around Broadwater bay area.

    It is very sad that we have to loose a member of our community this way.

    My sympathies to his wife and family.

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