Homecoming Ideas?

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Ryan Smartt left a lengthy comment on an earlier entry that probably deserves front-page exposure:

Hey guys and gals, I’m 19 and have lived in Great Falls for my whole life. in the years that I have lived here I have heard of numerous deployments of our military men and women stationed around the GF area. The support for the military in GF seems almost hushed. My point is, is that it is time for GF to have the oppurtunity to celebrate the Men and Women who are so vital not only to the economy but to the security of our freedom. The reason I am writing here is to try and gather information about the homecoming of Troops stationed in GF. I think that with a strong Community voice we can persuade city officials to hold parades to each homecoming for deployed troops. It’s time we showed that we really do appreciate our troops in and around Great Falls, to show respect. What the men and women of the armed forces do for this country must be celebrated and honored. Its time to show them what they’re fighting for, or at least give them a thank you. Please, if this idea interests anyone who reads this, contact me at [email protected] Time to give back.

Not a bad idea, and refreshing coming from such a young man. Anyone have some ideas about how to make this happen?

UPDATE – related: ZenPanda has some pictures of the Montana Veterans Memorial that was officially dedicated today (Memorial Day, 2006).

BTW – I made a few grammar/spelling edits in Ryan’s message.


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  1. There is usually somekind of parade scheduled when troops return. I can’t remember who has put them on. I’ll look into it.

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