Goin’ Country

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Until I moved here a few years ago, I didn’t much care for country music of any kind. Sure, I went through a very brief spell in the late 80s/early 90s of enjoying Dwight Yoakum and George Strait, but that was the extent of it. But shortly after arriving here, I heard a song called “Wolverton Mountain” on the radio, and something about it struck me. Since then, I’ve slowly been learning and enjoying what is termed “classic country,” although it also is called “honky-tonk” or “western swing” or some other term. I’ve also learned that there really was a Clifton Clowers, by the way. The best example of this type of music that I’ve found on the radio is the Saturday morning “Grassroots Gold” program on 104.9, KIK-FM. It’s hosted by Dave Wilson and Jim Lynn, and they play two hours worth of that genre and provide lots of back-stories and anecdotes. I had the good fortune of meeting Dave Wilson the other morning; I had stopped at the radio station to pick up the pair of earrings that I had won during the SAM 107.3 on-line auction a few days ago, and Mr Wilson happened to be in the lobby. I thanked him for the great show that he & Jim create every week, and for the “history lessons” that are teaching me about grassroots gold.


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  1. Did you get your request in? Next week, they go back to all-request shows.

    BTW, thanks for the ‘hi.’ Which earrings did you win?

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