Speed Limit

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One of my pet peeves is people who ride my tail when I’m driving at the posted speed limit. The worst place is along 6th Street, primarily from Central Avenue southward. The speed limit along this section of 6th Street SW is 30 miles per hour. Let me repeat: THIRTY MILES PER HOUR. I may not agree with the posted speed limit, but I obey it because (a) it’s the law, (b) it runs right by a Boys & Girls Club, and (c) I really don’t want to pay a fine for speeding. In fact, the 30mph limit extends north of Central all the way to the NW Bypass, too, but people seem to do a little better about observing the limit on that stretch. But south of Central Avenue, hoo boy…people whip around me like they’re in a race. So to make it really clear to any Speed Racers who are riding my tail, let’s make it really simple to understand:

When driving south on 6th Street SW, the speed limit doesn’t change to 40mph until AFTER you go under the railroad bridge.
When driving north on 6th Street SW, the speed limit changes from 40 to 30mph BEFORE you go under the railroad bridge.
Here, I’ll even draw you a picture:


So…what is YOUR biggest traffic hassle or pet peeve? Any particular streets or intersections that just make you crazy?



  1. It would have to be the myth of the Warden Bridge Passing Lane. There ain’t one, folks.

    I’m one of those guys who thinks the speed limit applies to both lanes, even on the interstate, but I value my safety, so when I’m on the interstate I use the left lane for passing and then I get out of the way. City streets are a whole other matter. Left lanes are for people who are going to be turning left in a few blocks, and someone who could’ve left for Starbucks two minutes earlier should calm down, take a deep breath and stop yelling at a guy who’s driving properly.

  2. I have to say 2nde Ave N between 38th & 36th sts. For some reason people think that one lane disappears so they always cut me off. They seem to miss the 30MPH sign as well.

  3. Any one way with cars parked on the sides. People seem to need a 5 foot clearance from the parked vehicle, but they don’t mind hitting the vehicle traveling beside them. And the 10th Ave S. bridge where the speed limit suddenly goes from 45 to infinite. And I can’t forget the parking lot of Albertsons/Target, I can’t say anything cause I’ll start swearing.

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