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A recent blip in the Tribune stated that Larry Kiedrowski, aka “Larry The Homeless Guy,” the unofficial “official” Great Falls homeless guy, now has his very own page, supposedly posted courtesy of a friend of Larry’s. I dunno…after looking through it, I suspect it may actually just be somebody’s idea of a gag. I just don’t think that Larry wants to meet “…all the g-units, thugs, gangstas, (and) punk rockers” in Great Falls. Sure, it could be legit, but it’s probably just some relatively harmless teens who thought that Larry having his own MySpace page would be cool. What do you think?



  1. I think the photo of Larry is a good one but the comments are mostly from teens…my guess that some teen did this. LOL, amusing.

  2. The word is that a group of teens put it together for Larry. It’s great to have a place to celebrate our infamous eccentric. And nice to know so many look out for him…that’s why he’s still going and going and going…

    I call Larry ‘Mr Wheels’ because the more overloaded his cart gets, the more wheels he adds. I’d like to see a competition among the local backyard mechanics and engineers to design a cart for him that would actually roll better with more wheels randomly installed. 🙂

  3. I think a lot of folks in Great Falls look after Larry. Today we got him some ice cold bottled water because the temp was in the 90’s.My granddaughter gave him a hug after handing him the water.Sadly I think it has been a while since Larry has had a hug.

    Not long ago one of my coworkers gave him the plate of homemade brownies that she had made for us! None of us really needed those calories so we forgave her.

  4. Wow that last comment brought tears to my eyes…”Sadly I think it has been a while since Larry has had a hug.”
    WOW..It makes you think of how much we take for granted , doesn’t it? The Myspace page is amazing though some of the teens are just rude..But it says it is a dedication. There are some pictures in there that are simply awesome. I really hope these kids use this as a way to help Larry benefit from it..Instead of just a laugh or two.

  5. and also the profile is really a dedication..not a laugh…hope everyone enjoys it…all the facts are in the profile for those who are concern.. take a look…no teenagers made it

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