What To Do?

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Over at the GF Tribune Forums, someone who goes by “lovebill” made the following entry (edited for space):

I’ve lived here in Great Falls for almost a year now, yet I’ve still been unable to find what I’m looking for…I have a three and a half year old that I would love to involve in activities for the summer time and beyond. Sports, art classes, particularly soccer, gymnastics, dance classes, art classes. Everything that I do find seems to be for older children (5-6+). I am aware of MOPS, and we do attend every once in awhile. There has to be more out there!

So, if you’d like to give me some information, I would like to know:
– Activity
– Minimum age to maximum age
– Fee?
– Start date/on-going?
– Where?
– Who to contact?

And anything else that may be helpful. Thank you!

I don’t know how much help the GF Trib Forum will be, but I’d wager some of you loyal GreaterFalls readers have some ideas. How about it?



  1. Paris Gibson sq. has workshops. Great Falls Gymnastics
    There are several dance schools and the Sparkettes. (baton twirling type stuff)

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