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“White House Won’t Listen To Counties’ Concerns” is the headline on this brief KRTV story. Hmmm…I suppose someone who was looking for media bias might object to that headline. So I ask you: what would have been a more appropriate headline? One that didn’t seem to portray the White House as cold, unfeeling, and unwilling to “listen” to the concerns of County Commissioners? How about “White House Opts For Fiscal Restraint” — is that a better headline?



  1. Especially when the first line is this: “County Commissioner Peggy Beltrone received mixed reactions on a recent trip to Washington, D.C. after speaking with both Congress members and President Bush’s advisors.”

    So, in other words, she spoke with ‘the White House,’ but she did not like the reaction. Hardly “won’t listen.”

    Good find, David.

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