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Listening the KRTV radio news on the way home from work: heard Cindy Cieluch talk about her rehabilitation following a brain hemorrhage that happened in February — sounds like she is well on her way to recovery, and I wish her the best. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cindy twice, and she is what I call “good people.”
Following her report, she and her co-anchor mentioned that KRTV is launching a new website tonight: KRTV Online. Distinct from the “official” website of, which leads to the state-wide website of all Montana News Station CBS affiliates. What to expect from KRTV Online? Anyone suppose that a blog – or blog-like features – will be a key part of the new site? At this time (6:06 pm, Monday), there is just a large logo placeholder on the site.
UPDATE: as of Tuesday 5:35 am, still nothing on the KRTV Online site (just the placeholder logo). Hmmm. Somebody forgot to flip a switch…? UPDATE as of 9:30 am: site is working now…and as expected, it does have a slightly more “bloggy” feel to it, with personal stories from Cindy, Fred, etc. No integrated feedback (ie, comments), and I suspect that the pages will remain quite static with updates weekly – at best. Still, it’s a start.


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