City Governance

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The Great Falls Local Government Study Commission (aka the GFLGSC!) made several recommendations this week. The most significant proposal is to add two more commissioners to the existing City Commission, which would bring the total to seven (including the Mayor). My initial reaction is that additional representation is a good idea; what are the benefits and drawbacks of adding two members? The other two suggestions: that Great Falls neighborhood council members take office in January (coincinding with city commissioners and the mayor taking their oaths); and that the city develop additional methods to contact citizens during disasters. Here’s an idea: how about text-message alerts to cell-phones? You can check out the minutes of the GFLGCS meetings right here.


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  1. Walter Greenspan on

    If the desired outcome is to have a more diverse representation, then just adding 2 more commissioners alone might not accomplish this goal. Adding 2 commissioners while going to commissioner districts, with each commissioner being elected from a separate commissioner district, might better fulfill the goal of a more diverse representation on the City Commission.

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