Fair & Balanced (?)

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Great Falls is going to be graced with the presence of a media analyst named Peter DeBenedittis on Thursday; he will attempt to educate parents on how “the media” sends subtle and not-so-subtle messages to children. The single example referenced in the Tribune blurb is how beer commercials “de-humanize” women. Frankly, I think that idiotic beer commercials de-humanize anybody with a brain; the men in those commercials come off looking like knuckle-dragging morons, and the women are viewed purely as objects of sexual delight. But – duh – we all know that – we all know that beer commercials have absolutely no connection to reality.
What I’m wondering is whether or not the media analyst will give equal-time to men-bashing commercials and TV shows, wherein men are portrayed as incompetent ninnies who need their wives to have all the answers and fix all of the messes that the men create. Yes, yes, I know that such commercials are meant to be humorous, but really – they are no more offensive than the beer commercials, and yet it’s the beer commercials that are so often singled out as being destructive because they “target” women.


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