Great Falls Blog Roundup

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What’s been going on around the Great Falls Blogosphere? Let’s check in…

Firefly tells us how she adopted the on-screen name of “firefly,” and asks us to explain our respective nom-de-blogs.
The Raving Norseman takes the Tribune to task (how alliterative!) for using some tired old turns of phrase.
ZenPanda is loving on her #1 son on the occasion of his birthday, even though he spent it in somewhat unusual quarters. But as she noted, it could have been a lot worse!
Aaron reminds us that tomorrow (Tuesday) is election day, when Great Falls voters can choose a new member for the school board.
Best Buddie clues us in about a pet peeve of hers (and mine, too!), regarding women of certain society who wear certain hats.
Keri received a frightening phone call recently; her father was involved in a roll-over, but thankfully he’s doing OK. Go send some sympathy comments!
GeeGuy turns his attention to recent civic & economic news, such as the departure of John Kramer and the recent decision by Wal-Mart to not build a second store in Great Falls.
Tom Kotynski celebrated his birthday recently from a very high place – with a cool picture to prove it!
SallyT is suffering from a mixture of writer’s block and political exasperation, and who can blame her? But she does manage to include a lyric from a great Blue Oyster Cult song, which is very cool.
And to wrap everything up, go say “Good Riddance!” to the York Street Bum, who has decided to close his blog after more than 90 entries bashing our fair community. But trust me — his Great Falls bashing is purely (mostly!) in jest; he gave blogging a good try and generated some discussion and humor. He’ll be moving to Florida in a few months to a community more suited to his lifestyle, and he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of reviving his blog at that time.

And that’s the latest! It’s your solemn duty as a Great Falls Blogger to visit your blog-buddies and leave a comment or two, so get to it! Oh – did I miss anyone? Have any of you stumbled across some other Great Falls bloggers that have not been “discovered” yet?


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