Hair Color – Update

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(The Story So Far. ) My daughter and I met with Mr Kuntz, the superintendent for the middle/high schools, on Thursday. He was very nice and understanding, and it seemed to me that he had no particular problem with hair color. He explained the difficulty in striking a balance between maintaining order & safety in schools while also allowing the kids to express themselves, which we understand.
He also referenced the maturity factor in middle schools, compared to high schools. It appeared to me that he would have no problem doing away with the “no un-natural hair color” policy; my impression was that he understands that there are more important things for educators to deal with. After about 15 minutes of discussion regarding the history of the policy and hearing about our specific case, he asked my daughter what her goal was, and she told him that she just wanted to be able to have purple-streaked hair because she loves purple, and she wanted to be able to attend class just like everyone else, without being placed in ISS (in-school detention). She also pointed out that the middle schools no longer have 6th graders – only grades 7 & 8 – which somewhat reduces the overall “immature” factor at North and East.

So Mr Kuntz offered a compromise: he asked her if she would “tone down” her hair so that it wasn’t quite so noticeable, and he promised her that he would bring the issue to the other administrators and school board to see if the policy can be modified. He specifically stated that she did not have to return to her natural hair color; he wanted to be able to give her an incentive while also having her compromise to some degree. He seemed quite sincere, and we both believe that he will follow through. They shook hands and agreed on the compromise. In the short term, this won’t affect my daughter, because she will be moving on to high school in a matter of weeks and able to wear un-natural hair color at will, whereas the policy decision will likely take longer. But she admitted that she would be quite happy to have the policy changed so that future middle-schoolers might benefit.



  1. Dick Kuntz is a nice guy, and demonstrated it in your meeting.

    It sounds like a pretty reasonable attempt at resolution to me. Nice job all the way around.

  2. Those supers can be very helpful. We talked to ours twice and got what we needed done. Even if it’s not your child that is effected, change is sometimes needed. Our goal was to get a new principal and we will start our search in Jan. 2007.

  3. David;

    If more parents were as involved as you in the daily lives of their children, it would be a much better world. Congratulations to both you and your daughter on working together through this situation. I have the idea that most fathers would have reacted by telling their daughter to get rid of the hair color.

    Can’t say that the whole situation doesn’t put fear in my bones about the teenage years with my daughter, though. Such a big deal about such a small thing.

  4. Hey Dave, how about an updated picture of your daughter’s haircolor. I heard she got wonderful color from a very talented stylist here in town…

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