Litter By Any Other Name?

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How many of you receive the weekly “for sale” newpaper on your front doorstep every Thursday? How many of you read it? Now, I’m all for free enterprise and getting your product to market, but seriously — isn’t this practice basically just a glorified form of littering?



  1. Yes, yes, YES!

    Over the past couple of years, I’ve called those morons upstanding local citizens no less than five times, requesting that I be removed from their list of garbage recipients. I’m usually more polite than that. Anyway, it always works for a week or two, then there’s that thing again, complete with plastic cocoon to protect it from the elements as it sits for several days in the snow or rain on the front porch we don’t use. A beacon, if you will, to burglars, brought to me by people who know better than I do about what should be given to me on my own property.

    For a while, I was tempted to save up a few months’ worth, then dump them on the Consumers Press doorstep late one night, but I figured that would be taken as an actual crime. I thought of calling the police, but I don’t really want to be that guy. You know, that “Get out of my yard” guy.

    Finally I realized I have a five-year-old with an occasional interest in papier-mache projects and an automatic delivery system of free paper, so that rag joins the other one on the front porch until needed.

  2. I’m lucky. I live on a particularly windy corner, so the weekly waste often disappears. Though lately I’m beginning to think the local carrier has either quit or become rather lax.

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