Deep Thoughts

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I usually cruise along River Drive to get to work and home each day: the geese honk their greetings, the pace is leisurely enough to enjoy, the view across the Missouri River (once you cross north of the 15th St Bridge) is stunning. But I’ve often wondered: how deep is the river in these parts? Near the skatepark, for instance, or Broadwater Bay? 30 feet? 100 feet? Any smart folks out there know the answer?



  1. Lots of folks have lived here longer than me and would likely know better, but I’ve gotta think that that stretch of the river is actually pretty shallow, with the possible exception of a current channel somewhere along the eastern shore. The wave action just suggests a lot of rocks not too far below the surface. I do know that the railroad bridge next to the Trib crosses at a natural ford used in days past by huge herds of buffalo (is that why the auto dealership just up the hill is called Bison Ford?!).

  2. Generally the channel is 8 to 15 feet, shallower near shore. I do not know how deep it is in this specific location, but the deepeest I’ve seen on our fishfinder is 22 feet about 1.5 miles up strea, from Broadwater.

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