Lunch With Dona

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OK, since nobody guessed what the highlight of my lunch on Wednesday was…it was my lunch companion, none other than Her Honor, Mayor Dona Stebbins! Good time indeed; she is chock-full of trivia and stories about growing up in Miles City (and the current scandal there), living in Great Falls, meeting her husband, some local political history, and best of all, she’s also a fan of the movie “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins!” Dona, I very much appreciate the lunch date – truly my pleasure.



  1. You mean there are three of us Remo fans in Great Falls?!

    I know, it’s as awful as all get-out, but it is at or near the top of my “guilty pleasures in film” list.

  2. David, thank so much for the opportunity to visit with you about the things we agree are important to our beloved community. I was so pleased that you plan to stay with us when you retire, and your plans to contibute even further to this place we both call home. It is truly a treat to visit with someone with an open mind and clear vision about the things that make a community welcoming. Let’s do it again!

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