Two Bits

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First: doesn’t anybody besides GeeGuy have a guess about the *highlight* of my lunch yesterday? Here’s a clue: my lunch companion was a VIP. Any guesses?

And now on to business: it looks like the voting is open for the design on the Montana quarter! I already voted: although I very much like both #2 and #3, I had to cast my vote for #2 with the Charlie Russell (?) cow-skull. It looks like #3 is leading among all voters, however. The problem with #1 is that it’s too elk-centric; sure, I know that there are plenty of elk here in Montana, but I don’t think many people associate Montana that particular animal. A Canada goose, maybe, but not elk. And #4 just seems a bit too bare. So – which design did YOU vote for?

Vote For #2!



  1. I vote for #4. Most people have never been to Montana, and this gives them the best representation of what the scenery is like. Anybody can look at a map and figure out the shape of the state.

  2. It was a tough choice. I like #1 & #3. After a short debate with the hubby I voted for #1. He likes #2.

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