Wednesday Lunch

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I hadn’t been to Bert-n-Ernie’s in over a year, although I had been anxious to see the newly-remodeled place, wondering if the unique look and feel would be retained in the redesign. As luck would have it, I wound up eating dinner there last night, I’m happy to report that the new look is great. The service was commendable, and the food was…well, not quite great, but certainly good. note to self: when in doubt, always go for a burger! There was some live (albeit gentle, thankfully) music, which added to the nice atmosphere. And wouldja believe that I wound up at Bert-n-Ernie’s again, this time for lunch this afternoon…although the highlight wasn’t the food, nor was it the service. What do you think the highlight of my lunch was today…?



  1. I saw the note about the VIP at lunch but what I was really interested in is what shifts the hot waitress is working.

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