As Cool As She Is

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I read “As Cool As I Am” a couple of weeks ago. It’s a book written by Great Falls resident Pete Fromm, and it concerns the life of Lucy Diamond, a teenager who lives in Great Falls. It’s not normally a book that I would read, but the setting in Great Falls was just too tempting for me – I don’t recall ever reading a book set in the community that I live in. My opinion of the book: very good. As noted by many reviewers, the character of Lucy Diamond is pretty powerful: she is one feisty young lady, and her fire carries her through some tough times as she discovers things about her parents, her friends, and what growing up means. The setting in Great Falls, and being able to identify very specific details about our town, made it a very unique read. Not an ordinary book, and one I won’t forget.



  1. You are right – it’s a fine book by a fine writer! BTW, I tried to post a comment on the Norseman’s blog, and it failed to register. I tried it twice. Poor guy, no wonder he thinks no one is reading his blog:(

  2. Hi, guys! Hey, I just got a phone call from none other than Mr. Greater Falls himself! Apparently there are technical difficulties afoot. I shall momentarily suspend my ceaseless praise of WordPress while I figure it out. Thanks for the heads-up and the concern!

    As for the book, I haven’t read it, but I think I will.

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