Gitcher Grocery On!

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Shortly after arriving in Great Falls I fell head-over-heels for a certain grocery store, and I remain loyal to this day. I estimate that about 95% of my grocery budget is spent at this particular store. I won’t say which one – yet – because I’m curious about where YOU shop for groceries. I think that I’ve got all of the major stores covered in this poll…so tell us where you shop, and if you’re so inclined, leave a comment giving a reason or two.

And here are the results so far…



  1. David;

    An interesting poll. However, you missed the four stores that I frequent most often; Sam’s Club (for bulk pantry items), Wal-Mart (where most of Great Falls shops for groceries) and 2Js (which carries items not carried by any other store in our fair city), and the downtown Albertson’s (for when I am biking home from work).


  2. I do the majority of my shopping at Van’s IGA. They have pretty much what I need, and not a lot of
    stuff that I don’t. Keeps me from over spending.

  3. I shop Walmart for the basics–right on the way home and the best prices! . Same for 2-Js. I like IGA and buy most of my meat there–No points, cards and all that bothersome stuff.

  4. OK, David, which store gained your loyalty? I want to put in a plug for my two favorite stores. I shop at the downtown Albertson’s and have for 35 years. I know all the checkers, the manager, and Larry the Produce guy/ It is a great crew! My other favorite store is the Westside Albertson’s. Again, I know all the checkers, and the meat department manager and other crew. They are all willing to tell me what they like about Great Falls and what they think needs to change. I always listen, too, because these folks talk to a lot of people during the course of a day. It’s very valuable input for me. Oh, and both stores carry excellent products in addition to their OUTSTANDING customer service!

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