The Itch

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You know “the itch.” It springs up every few years, and it’s uncontrollable. It must be scratched. MUST. It’s the “new car” itch, and I’ve got it. Bad. Well, not “new car,” but certainly new to me…in other words, a used vehicle. I’ve got my eye on a beauty over at Executive Motors, and just wondering if any of you good folks have any good, bad, or ugly tales to tell about dealing with Executive Motors. Ever done business with them? Good reputation? Talk to me.



  1. I bought my first truck from them in ’89. It was a good experience, but a bit long ago. I designed the new logo and helped make their sign last year and they seemed very nice.
    What’s the car?

  2. I represent several local car dealers, so I hear a little bit about “reputations.” I have not heard anything bad or good about them.

    I also do not recall ever receiving a call from someone seeking to hire me against them.

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