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What’s going on in the Great Falls blogosphere? Let’s start with Zen Panda, who has some cool pix from our lovely airport, and also has a Positive Report about an outing to a local business. Over at GeeGuy’s place, the discussion about the proposed new Wal-Mart continues to generate some heat – quite civil, thankfully…something that I consider to be a hallmark of our community and GF bloggers in general. Firefly takes some men to task over the act of procreation, and the responsibilities thereof. I’m not going to link to any specific post over at Tom’s place – just go there and start scrolling and enjoy the scenery. Keri is enjoying life and looking for some “hair models.” AJ, our resident Raving Norseman, has a tale of woe involving a whimsically-named (heh!) local company. And somebody check the temperature in Hell: the York Street Bum actually has something NICE to say about Great Falls, rather than his usual GF-bashing! Of course, it does involve alcohol, so don’t be too surprised. On a lighter note, BestBuddie has latched onto a meme, and you can find out what her favorite TV show it (it’s one of mine, too!).
And that’s that. Just a quick round-up of what’s going on lately. Thanks, everyone, for being bloggers, for sharing your thoughts with everyone else, and being part of this wunnerful intarweb thingie!


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