Help Wanted

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*bump* Looking for some spare change? Consider the following part-time opportunity.

Wanted: Part-time webmaster needed for local night club!
Minimum responsibility: weekly updates, graphics and monthly calendar updates. 2-3 hours per week; negotiable, depending on club needs/your abilities. $8/hr; negotiable DOE; trade optional. Dreamweaver software & experience preferred; proficient HTML okay, with familiarity with javascript & flash preferred. Need WS_FTP or comparable program for upload. For more information, contact SallyT at kickingasparagus @



  1. Dude, this is Great Falls…That’s all I get at my regular job.
    BTW, this club is more than willing to consider just compensation for someone reliable, equipped and capable. If you know someone, PUHLEEZ send ’em my way.

  2. Good for you! You’re ahead of most GF businesses.
    pssst…very part-time; wage negotiable; needed asap…pass it on…

  3. I apologize for the dismissive tone of my comment; it comes off as mean-spirited, when I was really, truly interested in whether the local market will allow that wage for those skills.

  4. I sure hope not
    I know this club would be tickled to pay (or trade) for a great webmaster. I’m just working on the sites within my limitations–someone with the tools and creativity would be able to expect more compensation.
    pssst…very part-time; wage negotiable; needed asap…pass it on…

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