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Noticed an ad in the Tribune the other day for the deluxe online version of the paper, which you can try out right here. It’s pretty nifty – you can view every page and all of the content of the dead-tree version, but would you pay more than $15.00/month for this? But if you’re already a subscriber to the print version, it’s only a few bucks more. Hm…worth considering. I’d never subscribe to the hard-copy edition; whenever I’ve done that with other papers, the pile of paper grows exponentially as I stack Monday on top of Sunday on top of Saturday…leaving me eventually with a stack that threatens to consume the house. So maybe the e-version is the answer for someone like me. So what do you think of the e-Trib? Would you consider subscribing? Would having access to the entire paper, rather than just a paltry few headlines and articles, convince you to sign up?



  1. I would try it if it didn’t cost $15 per month.
    Maybe if it was a little cheaper I would sign up. Maybe other
    people would sign up too.

  2. I added it to my print subscription and use them both. The e-Trib is great for when you’re on the road. I guess I’d like it to be cheaper, too, but then I’d also like gas, my groceries and my mortgage to be cheaper.

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