Help Wanted

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Our fair city is currently experiencing a pretty good economic boost, and along with that comes the need for workers. According to the Tribune, the increasing demand for employees is yielding higher-paying jobs, better benefits, and more opportunities. New projects are in the pipeline (Wal-Mart, Centene, Ashley furniture), existing businesses are expanding (Benefis, Ace Hardware, etc), and that is driving up the need for more and better-educated/trained workers. Very cool.


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  1. This was a hot topic at the family bi-monthly birthday party.
    Gee, I love my family! But when the aunt who shouldn’t drink has 4 glasses of wine we all get to hear her opinion on it…no matter how weird. My fav Cuz was surprising in his opinion that one could eliminate poverty by raising wages- my step-uncle counter with many good points. I wish I had taped it to share.
    I need a glass of wine now.

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