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Reaction to the suicide of CMR student Ryan Clancy has been sobering; many students are bewildered and sad. Others are wondering what can be done to prevent such tragedies: more counseling, better communication, education about depression and mental health? And on a more practical note, some are wondering if metal detectors in local schools might help. For a community like Great Falls, that would indeed be a sad intrusion of “big-city” reality.

And about Ryan Clancy: does anyone have any memories that they would like to share? Can anyone tell us about Ryan, and what his friendship meant to them?



  1. Perhaps better education about mental health and depression? There’s still a stigma, albeit not as bad as when I was in highschool; but there nonetheless. Depression is in your head, it makes you weak, it’ll go away.

    Like crap it will.

    I don’t want to put up too much of me out here, but trust me when I say that I’ve faced that same choice that Ryan did. And about the time when he faced it, as well. I was a stereotypical “Good Kid” and no one could believe it if I told them how I hated myself, and how I wished the worst. I kept my grades up and whatnot because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, because I didn’t want to deal with the stigma of being Mentally Ill.

    Can it be prevented? I seriously hope so. I hope people realize that depression can be major, it can hit anyone, and it’s treatable. Better communication may also help, but if you’re too embarassed/ashamed/etc to talk to someone; what good is it going to do.

    Hugs and support up the wazu to Ryan’s family and friends. I wish I had the answers for stuff like this. :/

  2. ~*~ Ryan was an awesome guy. He was always nice and there for people even when he didn’t have to be. We all will go through so many things now that we are missing such a wonderful,important person that was so dear to so many. Though some knew him better than others the shock will be in the minds of a lot of people for a long time. He was the kind of person anyone would appreciate knowing. I will miss Ryan so much. He was a great guy a wonderful friend and someone who had a great impact on my life. Love goes out to his family and other friends. Always remember Ryan. Not for what happend that sad monday, but for who he was and what he did for so many and in life. We love you Ryan, we always will.~*~

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