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Let’s take a look around the Great Falls blogosphere: Aaron points out some big-dollar savings in our local government; GeeGuy reminds us how some of those saved dollars will be spent. Keri provides a review of some new favorite beverages (and today is her birthday – go say hi!), and BestBuddie has a book review. The Raving Norseman is back (w00t!) with a brand-new look, and points out a humourous sign at a local eatery. He also notices some deceptive “advertising.” The York Street Bum is picking on the citizens of Great Falls yet again (in good humor, don’t hurt him!). ZenPanda reflects on the Challenger tragedy. And me? Well, I’ve got some thoughts about country music, and I’ve gotta provide a shoutout to the “Grassroots Gold” program that airs every Saturday morning on 104.9, “KIK-FM.”


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