Where’s My Snow?!

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Sure has been an unusual winter so far, eh? Two weeks of winter right after Thanksgiving, and then…well, it’s been beautiful. Beautiful, that is, if you like mild temperatures, no snow, and clear blue skies. Don’t get me wrong — I love that nice weather, too, but come on…living in MONTANA in the month of JANUARY should evoke images of snow, sub-zero temps, shoveled driveways, and people wrapped in layers of sweaters, coats, mittens, hats, and scarves!



  1. Oh, you and your assumptions 😀
    I’m grateful for the nice weather–actually considering going out on Friday to the Margarita Meltdown. Usually just hunker down in the middle of winter. *sigh * have always been a Phoenician at heart.

  2. You want snow, head up to Showdown and enjoy!

    This has been the best ski season I can remember since Reagan was President. Not one bad day yet, and I haven’t missed a week since they opened.

  3. Snow? What is this snow you speak of? Sure wasn’t any in GF when I was there over Christmas, and definatly is none in Denver. I officially dub this
    season, “the season formerally known as winter”

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