Live, On-Stage!

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From a comment by Dona in the previous entry: Tomorrow night, at Center Stage, music fans have a great opportunity to hear one of the finest blues and folk musicians I have ever known. His name is Spencer Bohren, he’s from New Orleans, and is a close friend of my husband Grant. They grew up together. He appears on Garrison Keillor’s radio show frequently, and has won the New Orleans Big Easy Award for Best Folk Artist four out of the last six years. The tickets are $12 at the door, $10 in advance at Planet Earth, Rod’s Music, and Bert and Ernies. If you love great music, you’ll really enjoy this show. Beverages (wine and beer) will be available.



  1. Oh sure, the mayor leaves a comment and it gets copied right to the front page! Well for all the Great Falls riff raff and hooligans (and we know there are plenty), ENCELADUS will be playing the Loading Zone Saturday night at 9:30. Z93.7 FM will broadcast the show live on the air from 11-12pm. Admission is free. Beer, wine, and shots will be served. Can’t beat that. See ya there!!

  2. Your boy wins a prize for being the first person to actually know what Enceladus means. It is the brightest moon of Saturn, named after the giant who was defeated in battle and buried under Mt Etna by Athena. For the record, I did not come up with that name, and am not particularly fond of it. But when everyone asks what it means, you need to know the answer.

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