More Grocery Woes

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On the subject of the Great Falls west-side County market closing, it looks like opinions run strong – both here and down in Billings. There’s an awful lot of clamoring and finger-pointing – many are rushing to blame Wal-Mart and the low, low prices that other grocery markets just can’t complete against. In many cases, however, that just isn’t true. For instance, I tried County Market a few times and held my nose each time — both stores seemed rather dirty, poorly stocked, and generally just not pleasant. The people were friendly enough, but the overall experience was just yucky. It had nothing to do with price, and everything to do with service and atmosphere. That’s why Wal-Mart won’t get my business, either…while the low prices and large selection are good, the service and atmosphere just can’t pull me away from Smith’s.



  1. If I read the trib correctly today- Tidymans closed the 2 stores because they were not moneymakers and they had an offer for them.

  2. Here in Bozeman, Wal-Mart is alllll the way across town from me (i.e., about 4 miles away). I shop at Albertsons, but they are trying to sell out because their profit margins are too low.

  3. I find walmart a convience, a. because i’m 19, and b. i can get everything there in one trip. Maybe it’s just because I’m a youngin’ who likes things simplified. Of course I happen to go at night when it’s not crowded. But since it’s all the way across town from where my house is in GF, I definatly don’t mind shopping at County Market or Albertsons.

  4. All the discussion got me reminiscing…yep, I’m an old fart who remembers, as a kid, the all-day shopping trips with my mom, from store to store for the sales & specials.

    We’d start at Buttreys & Western Drug (on 10th, where Hardee’s/Front Range is now), then go to IGA (on 34th St-where ACE is now), then to Western Warehouse, then, if a super special could be found, to Osco and Albertson’s in Holiday Village. My, how things have changed.

    I think Wal-Mart ROCKS, even if I have to go all the way across town and deal with mid-day crowds. I get most everything done in two hours, at the lowest prices, & still have time to hit Albertson’s for the specials. The only way I can survive on my salary.

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