Grocery Woes

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I’m sure most of you have heard by now that the County Market grocery store on the west side of town will be closed down permanently on Monday. I shopped there about three or four times in three years; prices seemed OK, but the selection and overall appearance of the store left something to be desired. So that leaves the County Market on east 10th Avenue South to compete against three Albertson’s, one Smith’s, and one Vans IGA. (Are there any other grocery stores that I’ve missed?) I’d wager that the Albertson’s on Smelter will pick up most of the County Market shoppers.



  1. Did you forget WalMart, Dave? I think that the real reason behind the closure is their “superstore,” which had put an incredible amount of pressure on the profit margins at County Market. I have never been a WalMart shopper, but apparently I’m in the minority.

  2. I’ve always grown up shopping at the East Side County Market. Yeah, it’s kinda ghetto still, but I got lots of good memories in there…like tipping over the shopping cart with my little sister in it…err..anyways. I think I’ve been to the west side county market all of like 2 times my 18 years in GF.

  3. ShopKo, Kmart, Wal-Mart all have grocery sections which many people use. I was surveyed about 2 years ago about my use of County Markets and I honestly told them the stores were not convenient for me and frankly ugly. Personally I shop at the commissary, but that is not a REAL grocery store either.
    Dona- My family & I don’t shop walmart either.

  4. County Market and Wal-Mart are going after the same demographic. Wal-Mart is more successful at this demographic, because they have greater purchasing power then does Tidyman’s, which results in lower prices for the consumer. I am not sure if the operating expense burden for Tidyman’s is higher than is Wal-Mart’s, but that could have been a factor as well.

    The true message here is that it is not smart to battle a giant head on. You have to find a niche.

    Smith’s and Albertson’s contrast themselves to Wal-Mart by appealing to a different clientele. They have more expensive, and in most cases, higher quality goods.

    2Js and other similar stores also market to a different clientele. They carry goods that most people perceive as “healthier” and therefore are willing to pay a price premium for them.

    For this reason, I don’t think you are right. The smelter Albertson’s will not pick up County Market’s shoppers. Most of those shoppers have already jumped ship to Wal-Mart. They are looking for the lowest priced goods, and Wal-Mart had them.

  5. You all are right — I forgot about Wal-Mart, and they probably will pick up most of the County Market shoppers (the ones that don’t opt for the east-side County Market, anyway).

  6. I have shopped at West county market since buying a house near it over 5 years ago. I endured Bill and Joes closing, and saw with relief several of the employees move to County Market. I hate Wal-mart and now I don’t know what to do! *sob*

  7. I’m one who gave up on County Market long ago, stopping in now only for Ziggy and emergency purchases. And, in some sections, East County Market has focused on higher-end stuff (seafood & organics), so it’s way outta my price range.

    Too bad the West side is closing, but such is life…we mourn and move on. May the talented folks at that store find far better positions at other stores.

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