Keep The Cow!

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The fate of Molly B, the Runaway Cow, is in YOUR hands now! Apparently public sentiment will help decide whether our most famous bovine will be allowed to remain in Great Falls, or will be transferred to a farm-like setting in Washington State. Naturally, I think that Molly B would prefer to stay in Great Falls; after all, her spirited sprint across town was likely her attempt to take in all of the wonderful sights and scenery of our community. But here’s what you can do to help keep Molly B here in her hometown: the Great Falls Tribune is conducting a poll, and the last time I checked (about 3:30 pm), the folks in favor of Molly B staying here was only 52%. So if you think Molly B should call Great Falls her home, GO VOTE YES! Scroll down and find the poll on the far-left side of the screen and cast your vote!



  1. I just want Molly B to live…any animal with a will to live as strong as this creature has – deserves to live. I just read that she is pregnant…do what you can to save her and her calf! Things happen for a reason! Sincerely, Gerry

  2. Of course let her stay! It was so funny to see a story from my home town make national headlines. Here I am all the way in Indianapolis and I still heard about Molly’s escape on OUR evening news. Way to go Great Falls!

  3. Hooray for Molly B!
    She lit a shuck outta town and was headed for California, the official “Home of Happy Cows”.
    (Seein’ the sights!?! In Great Falls!?! No wonder she jumped in the river….just kiddin’)
    She has more guts than most people I know. Let her live in peace and freedom.

  4. If people are saying we should let cows live that have the will to run from people, should we have kept the ones that dont go where they are supposed to, or the ones that run away and then trample other people and hurt them people?

  5. Ditto to what Mike said! Molly is on her way to LIVE her life fully and in peace, comfort and full of genuine respect, love and compassion. She will be FAR from a place that literally has the smell of death in the air. To those who ignorantly snicker and shake your heads —I pity you…

  6. Where ever is the largest and most priveledged environment is where she should be. A cow is no cow; unless she is a happy cow.

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