Sunday Surprise

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Well, what a wonderful surprise to wake up to about four inches of snow this morning! Went to bed last night expecting maybe some light rain, not really believing the slight chance of snow would come through, but it did (in Bozo, too)- wheee! Very fluffy, very pretty. And not too cold, either – about 30 degrees, so shoveling was a breeze. And here’s the other surprise: was that Senator Conrad Burns that I passed & said hello to at Smith’s grocery store this morning at about 10:30 am? Sure looked like him; I asked the cashier if she thought it was Senator Burns, and she replied that she didn’t know, but mentioned that the gentleman said he was stocking up for a long drive.



  1. Burns was in Great Falls yesterday (if I recall correctly), hanging out at my dad’s employment place, amongst other things. It may have been him. 😛

  2. Not too cold….30 degrees? I’ve said it before, but I must say it again: You are a sick puppy.

    It’s a chilly 64F here. Need my coat to go outside…BRRRRRR…..

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