Holy Cow!

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HOLY COW! WOW! I just read the article in the Tribune about the Runaway Cow – what a spirited bovine! I wish that I had been nearby and able to see this amazing cow as it led authorities on a merry chase. Apparently, it even swam across the river near Broadwater Bay. Now that she’s been caught, however, the question is: should the cow be killed, as was the original plan? Or does a cow that waged such a spirited fight for freedom be allowed to live and spend the rest of her life grazing peacefully…? The way I see it, this cow has truly earned her freedom! And what an excellent picture from the Tribune!



  1. it would be a shame to have a being that so heroically fought for her freedom to be unceremoniously exectuted in pursuit of profit and the bottom line

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  3. Talk about a Moooooooooover and a shaker!
    You go, girl!
    Let the lady-cow live! (Yeah, I said “lady-cow”, whatcha gonna do ’boutit?!? Take that, and that, and THAT!) C’mon, Molly B., we be goin to Californy….home of Happy Cows.

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