Updated (?)

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OK, it’s 5:35 am right now. What time do you think that the City of Great Falls website will be updated to reflect Dona Stebbins as the Mayor, and remove Randy Gray? The swearing-in ceremony occurs at noon…place your bets! UPDATE: As of 1:25 pm, the site reflects “Mayor Dona Stebbins,” and the group photo (with Mayor and City Commissioners) is temporarily unavailable — presumably so that the new photo can be shot & uploaded. Kudos to the City webmaster!



  1. Considering that the State didn’t update its website to reflect Brian Schweitzer as Governor for something approaching 2 to 3 months I’m not sure what the rush is.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! on

    Hi, y’all. I just found this site. Mind if I join you guys? I don’t know if I’d much of relevance to say though.

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