Vet Visit

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One of our cats, Decar (pronounced “Decker”), is currently relaxing at Best Friends Animal Hospital. She’s having some neuro problems, so last night (Sunday) at about 7:00 pm, I called the hospital, got the answering service, and received a call back from the on-call vet (Dr Norton) within 10 minutes. I described Decar’s symptoms, and he offered to meet me at the hospital within an hour. Upon arriving, he did some preliminary tests on Decar, set her up for a relaxing night at the hospital, and was truly wonderful. I was impressed with his compassion, humor, and service. I stopped by today and checked on Decar, and she’s still relaxing; the vet wants her to spend a few more nights there and get better. Heartfelt thanks to Dr Norton and the staff at Best Friends Animal Hospital!



  1. Any updates on your kitty? Was it an ear infection, or something more serious?

    Hope she’s better. I’ve two, too.

  2. This is an old entry, so I don’t know if anyone’s reading, but I thought I’d pop in and say I think Dr. Norton is a fabulous vet –particularly in diagnosis– and I don’t hesitate to endorse him to anyone who will listen, and maybe even to those who won’t. He’s saved our dog’s life at least twice, and on one of those occasions two other vets had already told us her condition was probably fatal.

  3. I just had a very nice experience with Best Friends. Dr. Liz is wonderful. One of my cats, Clyde, had green gooey stuff coming out of both her eyes. I took her to Great Falls Veterinary Services, and Dr. Helms did a *very* cursory examination, charged me $50 and had me get $80 worth of medication; he said she had a fungal infection. After 30 days of this medication, Clyde was no better. So I took her to Best Friends and they did a very thorough exam, scheduled her for a biopsy the following Monday, and gave me some anti-biotic stuff to put in her eyes.

    In the end, Clyde was diagnosed with lots of allergies. In this case, we stumbled on the fact that she’s allergic to birds… heh.. rather amusing, but apparently, not unusual. With prednisone she’ll be fine.

    I have had all of my animals records transferred to Best Friends (I have 6 cats). The also called me on Tuesday, the day after the biopsy, to make sure she was alright.

    They are amazing, and I would not go anywhere else. I have sung their praises all over town!

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