Sore Loser

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Earlier today, I read GeeGuy’s analysis of former Mayor Randy Gray’s “guest opinion” piece in today’s Tribune. Unfortunately, Gray’s piece is not available on-line (shame on you, Tribune) (but thank you, Alan!). But as I read GeeGuy’s analysis, I really had to wonder if Gray’s essay was *that* bad. Then I got home this evening and read the whole piece…and sadly, Gray seems to have decided to be remembered as a sore loser. I don’t have nearly as much “invested” in Great Falls or local politics as most of you — I’m a relative newcomer to Great Falls — but reading Gray’s screed was truly disheartening.

It seems that he is lashing out at a perceived “conspiracy” that plotted to remove him from office and install some sort of puppet. In his closing sentences, Gray effectively directs the sitting City Commissioners do do whatever they can to block and undermine Mayor-elect Stebbins, and to remind her that her “power” as Mayor is quite limited. Gee, that’s funny – Gray just spent numerous paragraphs telling us how “powerful” he was in governing Great Falls.
I try always to give the benefit of doubt and see the positive in everyone, and I understand that being an elected official requires tough decisions and usually involves upsetting certain groups and people…but Randy Gray’s outgoing parting-shots in this essay are, quite simply, just like school on the weekends: No Class.


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