Above The Law

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When I first glanced at the headline, I assumed it was a standard-issue “feel good” story about how Santa Claus had been pulled over in the parking lot of a seniors center for not having a permit for reindeer, or something similar. But as I read the story, I got a little perturbed: the driver of the vehicle, wearing a Santa costume, was pulled over for driving 50-mph in a 25-mph zone! Did he receive a speeding ticket from the police officer? Nope, just a warning. Now, if it had been a non-moving violation (parking the wrong-way on a 1-way street, for instance, or not putting a quarter in the meter downtown) then this story might have been easier to digest. But driving FIFTY MPH along 38th Street, when the limit is 25? Folks, that’s a residential area, and there are always pedestrians up & down that street. This “Santa” was, quite simply, a hazard. Would you have ticketed “Santa” in this case?



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